'Alec Kingston'
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General Information

Gender : Male

Age : 16

Hair Color : Dark Brown

Eye Color : Dark Brown

Occupation(s) : Student

Aliases : Math Gleeks ( Jocks & Cheerios )

Family & Friends

Family : Unknown Parents

Relationships : None

Friends : Alya Demir , Savannah Kendrick, Ryder Bentley, Colin Fords, Kirsten McCormick, Mackenzie Fords

Employer : [Schuester]

Enemies : None

Other Information

Interests : Singing and Calculus

Clique : New Direction and The Mathletes

Education : William McKinley High School

Series Information

First Appearance : The New Start

Portrayer : Michael Weisman

Alec Kingston is a character on The Newest New Direction. He's a sophomore who joins New Direction on The New Start. His parents abandoned he and his sister when he's 10 years old. So, his sister became the backbone of the family and he always help her.

Alec Kingston is portrayed by Michael Weisman.


Alec and his sister are abandoned from their parents when they are 10 and 13 years old. So, his sister works so hard and he always help her. He is the A+ Student. He became the guy who he always want to be, the good grade guy.

Season OneEdit

The New StartEdit

Alec is the fifth to introduced when the Audition held. He auditioned with the song Lucky by Jason Mraz. Mr. Will was blown away by his talent of singing and playing guitar. He is known as the jocks as the " Math Gleek "


Solos :Edit

The New StartEdit

Duets :Edit

Personality Edit

He is the A+ type guy. He can came from nice and gentle to arrogant. When he became arrogant, nobody seems to like him, beside from the New Direction. When he's nice, he can make everybody trust at him. So, he's a double-sided person.


- He's highly allergic to Peanut Butter

- He can be angry, when someone stole his math book

- Likes to eat Pasta

- His baddest grade is A-

- Never wears contact

- Hates outdoor

- Scared to small creatures

- Hates water

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