Alya Demir
General Information

Gender : Female

Age : 16

Hair Color : Brown - Reddish

Eye Color : Brown

Occupation(s) : Student, Employee at Lima Bean Coffee, Street Performer

Aliases : The Muslim Chick (Everybody)

Family & Friend

Family : Unknown Parents (Deceased)

Relationships : None

Friends : Kirsten McCormick, Mackenzie Fords, Alec Kingston, Ryder Bentley, Savannah Kendrick, Katie Charm, Carter Fords

Employer : William Schuester

Enemies : None

''''Other Information''''

Interests : Many

Clique : New Directions, Art Club, Photograpy Club, Soccer

Education : William McKinley High School

Series Information

First Appearance : New Girl

Portrayer : Aylin Bayramoglu

Alya Demir is a character on The Newest New Direction. She is a sophomore who transferred from Turkey. She joins New Direction in New Girl. Her parents has already died because of a car crash, but she never tells anyone about it. Her family is filthy rich, but she never brag about it.

Alya Demir is portrayed by Aylin Bayramoglu.


Season OneEdit


Sweet, Tough, Brave, Skillfull, and Nice. Alya is the perfect girl, that everyone knows. She can lead anyone out from the trouble.She is like the nicer version of Rachel Berry. She didn't want to talk about her parents if anyone ask. She's like the leader of New Direction. She likes to help people.


Solos :Edit

Duets :Edit


- She's Claustrophobic

- She has Ashtma

- Likes The Color Red

- She has a Golden Charm Bracelet

- The Bestest Dancer and Singer from New Direction

- Her Ringtone is " Rolling In The Deep "

- Her Skin is Sensitive of Cold

- She likes to watch Talent Shows.

- She loves to write songs

- She can play Piano, Keyboard, Guitar, Bass, Drum, and Violin.

- She likes to eat Pepperoni Pizza and Oreo Cheesecake

- She hate it when everyone talk about a car crash

- She's allergic to Seafood

- She has a Golden Retriever


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