New Girl is the second episode of The Newest New Direction's first season, and the second episode overall.

New Girl
Season One, Episode Two
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Alya's POV ( Point Of View ) :

" Your name? "

" Alya Demir "

Alya was soo nervous, because this is the first day for her to be schooled at William McKinley High School.

" Here's your schedule and your books. I'll call the principal first to welcome you " The secretary stand up and walk to the principal's office.

As I turn back to get my bag, I looked there's many of boys staring at me.

Okay, what's going on?

---||--- At the Hallway ---||---

New Direction's POV ( Point Of View ) :

The New Direction walks out from the bathroom after they cleaned themselves of slushies. They see a huge crowded boys in the front of the secretary's office window.

" What's going on? " Savannah asked.

" I don't know, but I'm going to find out " Riley walks to the front of the secretary's office window to find out.

" I hope he's okay "

" Me too '

---II--- After 1 Minute ---II---

Riley walks toward them.

" What did you see? " Everyone asked at him.

" I see an angel " He said with dreamy.

" What?! " They are confused. Why can angel lives at the earth?

" What is it look like? " They asked again.

" She has beautiful brown-reddish flowing hair and brown eyes "

After he said that, Principal Figgins come out of the room with a girl. All the boys blowned away by her look.

" This is our new student, Alya Demir. She's transferred from Turkey and didn't know the classes. Can one of you show her the classes? " Principal Figgins asked.

Suddenly, all the boys raise their hand. Including, Ryder, Carter, Alec, Riley, and PJ. Principal Figgins is confused to pick who. Suddenly, he point at us.

" You, Glee Kids "

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