The New Start
      Season One, Episode One
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The New StartEdit

The New Start is the first episode of The Newest New Direction's first season, and the first episode overall. The episode covers the formation of New Direction.


Mr. Schuester stare blankly at the New Direction's Form before she sticks it to the board.His mind are rewinding at the performance of "Sit Down You're Rocking The Boat" and "Chasing Pavements". He shook his head, trying to get back into the real life.

" Huhhhhh..... " He sighed.

After he sticks it to the board, he feels someone patting his shoulder, he turn around.

" Hey, William " That voice sounded familiar. He sees a women wearing track suits, carrying a megaphone.

" Sue " He huggs her.

" Yeah, William. It's me " She huggs him back.

" So, You're done handling your kid? " He asked.

" Oh, She's with her babysitter, now. In my crib "

" Hey, Fatso! You cannot sign into the cheerios! You're to fat! " She yells at a student.

He just stare at her. It's still the same Sue he thought. He walks through the hallway to go to the Teacher's Lounge.

---||--- At the Hallway ---||---

" Say maths suck! " Shout some jocks.

" Never! " Alec replied.

" Say it! "

" I rather die! "

" Ooohhhhh......., You're dead! "

As the jocks want to punch Alec, his fist was catched by someone. They turned around want to hit the person. They see the quarterback, Ryder Bentley staring at them with her girlfriend, Katie Charm.

" What are you guys doing? " He ask, angrily.

" Nothing " They replied, without protesting.

" If you guys do that again, I will tell Coach Beiste about it " He say, threatening.

The jocks let go of Alec and rushed, leaving Alec, Ryder, and Katie. Ryder helps Alec stand.

" Are you okay, man? "

" Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks " He rushed out of the hallway.

" What a freak " Katie spoke.

" It's not nice you know? " Ryder said.

" Whatever, I didn't care at all " She replied.

Blake shake his head and walks to the board. He looks to all of the paper, his eyes caught on New Direction's Form. He read the names. There's only 3 student. He thought. He quickly grabbed the pen and sign in his name to the New Direction's Form. Katie sees it in shock.

" Why did you sign up for that Glee freaking Club?!! " She yells.

" And, why didn't you sign up? " He ask, calmly.

" For what?! "

" If you don't join Glee Club, I will tell your parents, you like to sneak out at night, and getting drunk " He smiles.

" FINE! I will sign for this stupid club! " She grabbed the pen, quickly sign out, and throws the pen.

" HAPPY?! " She yells.

He nodded. Then they walked to the math class.

They didn't realize someone's watching them from 10 lockers away, Miss Savannah Kendrick. She walks toward the New Direction's sign-up sheet and quickly put her name on that list. She walked quickly to the biology class.

Alec looks at the New Direction Sign-Up Form and wrote his name on the list. He sighed, then he walks through the hallway.

---||--- After Bell Rings ---||---

Mr. Schuester stare at the list, he's pretty satisfied about it he then walks to the audiotorium to prepare for the Audition. He then calls Coach Beiste and Mrs. Pillsbury to help him decide.

---||--- At the Audition ---||---

" First up, welcome to the Audition, Don't be nervous, and just have fun "

" First up is Mackenzie Fords " Mr. Schuester calls.

" Good luck, sis " Carter said.

" Thanks, little bro " She smiles at him.

She walks up to the stage and introduce herself.

" My name is Mackenzie Fords, I'm a junior and I'll be singing " Make It Shine " "

Here I am Once again Feeling lost but now and then I breathe it in To let it go go go And you don't know where you are now Or what it will come to If only somebody could hear When you figure out now You're lost in the moment You diiisapear You don't have to be afraid to put your dreams in action You're never gonna fade you'll be the main attraction Not a fantasy Just remember me When it turns out right Cuz' you know that if you live in your imagination Tomorrow you'll be everybody's fasination In my victory Just remember me' when I make it SHIIIIIIIIIIIINE!!!!!!!!!

Everybody applauded.

" You're in! "

" Thank you! "

She jumps off the stage and walks toward her seat.

" Second up is...... Ryder Bentley "

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